I’ve been wanting to upload something for a while now, but I hate to post tracks that are incomplete. This track came together quickly and I don’t intend to use it on a future release. I’m working on a third album. Prep your earholes

#Deepites is now streaming on Bandcamp! You will be able to purchase it in 10 days (Nov.17). You can also download “Quite So New” immediately for free. Deepities by joday jäské

Threw this together using something I had written two years ago on halloween. A quick chop, polish and a snippet of audio from Twin Peaks. Made for funsies.

New #album slated for November 17th #release. Here’s a sample. 

I sampled some audio of Richard Feynman playing drums with his friend to use as an element of this track.

Interpretation of Nick Drake’s “River Man”. I went through a pretty intense 1.5 week Nick Drake listening period. I don’t know why, but I often omit some of the lyrics when I do covers. It probably stems from my efforts to try to create a drastic re-envisioning, so as to justify doing a cover. I think it’s a little more stimulating than just picking a good key and strumming guitar and singing, not that I dislike when other people do that type of cover. However, this method involves changes in form that don’t necessarily accomodate the lyrics in their original sequence.

Grimes has described her sound as “ADD music” and I can only imagine that this cover has fulfilled that sentiment to the nth degree. The arrangement would have been very different had I not been experimenting with an auto-wah plug-in while making it.


my cat.

friend’s cat

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